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Our Services

Our range of services is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Whether it's for as brief as 4 hours, a weekend getaway, or an extended stay of up to 14 consecutive days, our aim at MTK is to ensure everyone feels warmly welcomed and enjoys an exceptional experience.

The price of your chosen respite package covers a wide array of offerings, including activities, meals, expenses, accommodation, and entertainment. However, please note that these inclusions are subject to change and may be weather-dependent. Rest assured, we take all necessary precautions and strive to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.

Although our home base is on the Gold Coast, our activities aren't limited to this area. We offer diverse experiences beyond the Gold Coast locale.

For convenience, pick-up and drop-off services may be arranged upon request for ambulant clients or those using push wheelchairs/strollers/prams. Participants relying on large motorised mobility units will require specialized transport arrangements.

The choice is yours—select your adventure and let the excitement begin!

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