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Meet Our Team


Mick Johnson

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Tracey Johnson


Katie Johnson

Lead Carer & Entertainment Director, OH&S 

Lead Carer & Registered Nurse/Midwife

Peer Group Leader & Ride Companion

Mick is dad to 4 amazing children, Tracey's devoted husband, and a proud grumpy to brand new gorgeous granddaughter. 

When Mick says "nothing is to much trouble" that's exactly what he means. He is fun and enthusiastic and loves teaching kids new skills from boating, fishing, kayaking to camp cooking.

Scary ride buddy.

Tracey is a dedicated wife, loving mum, and brand new grammy.

Tracey has been a Registered Nurse and Midwife for the past 23 years and loves empowering people and creating a happy positive environment for them to thrive in.





But I don't do the scary rides!

Katie is the youngest sibling of 4 Children and is 16 years old.



She loves going to theme parks, playing board games, Xbox games and listening to music. Katie loves making new friends and is an exceptional role model to those around her.

Great companion for going on theme park rides.

The family behind MTK

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